Why the MAC? What will it do for Midway?


  • Continuation of the theatrical events which entertained 10,000 people in 2021 and 10,000 people 2022, and 83,000 over the past 15 years.

  • Continued theatrical opportunities for the 550 kids and adults who participate each year as auditioners, actors and people working behind the scenes.

  • Opportunity to profit by the increased homes coming to Wasatch County. Those people will go SOMEWHERE for entertainment. Midway can capture some of the $$$ the increased population will spend with a state-of-the-arts regional theater. If Midway bypasses the opportunity, the people will bypass Midway when they’re looking for entertainment and will drive to Park City or down to the Valley.

  • The MAC offers year-round business for Midway resorts, restaurants, stores and gas stations. Currently, these businesses prosper in the summer and in ski season but struggle in the spring and fall. Ongoing theatrical events all year will help business avoid the slow season.

  • Increased tax income for Midway City, helping save residents from tax increases.

  • No cost whatever to the City of Midway.

  • A community gathering place and an unforgettable legacy for generations to come.

What if the MAC never gets City approval to build on the desired 1.6 acres? What then?

  • SOMETHING will be built on that property which is zoned C2.  What are the possibilities?

  • Conditional uses (City cannot prevent but can impose reasonable conditions on the use) include auto detailing, gas stations, new and used vehicle sales and rentals, carpentry and woodworking shops, among others.

  • Permitted uses (very little City oversight) include hospitals, restaurants, beauty shops, day spas, pet grooming services, etc. Click HERE to read the code.

  • The building will make money for the (awesome) owner and some money in taxes for the City and will be useful to a FEW HUNDRED PEOPLE every year. But it will likely not build talents, or bring people of all backgrounds together often. And IT WILL NEVER CREATE A LEGACY!