Thanks to everyone who auditioned! There were a great number of talented actors and actresses, making this choice very difficult. We look forward to seeing you at a future audition!

Cinderella: Anna McMaster
Fairy Godmother: Mary Eckersley
Stepmother: Nanette Pollard
Stepsister: Summer Luster
Stepsister: Savannah Beckett
Christopher, the Prince: Paul Fitzgerald
Queen Constantina: Juliana Smith
King Maximillian: Destry Pollard
Steward: Daniel Clegg
Ballroom Maiden 1: Brinley Lent
Ballroom Maiden 2: Cassandra Boas
Ballroom Maiden 3: Maggie Scott & Kylee Christensen
Ballroom Maiden 4: Ella Ballstaedt & Natalie Hanks
Ballroom Maiden 5: Emmalee Hendry & Hannah Berrett
Male Dancer: Connor McMaster
Male Dancer: Layton McMaster
Male Dancer: Meriadoc VanRoosendahl
Mouse: Kali Apostol
Mouse: Elle Berrett
Mouse: Kate Lee
Cat: Allison Munck
Town Maiden: Sienna Pollard
Town Maiden: Grace Neal
Town Maiden: Cedar Reynolds
Town Maiden: Hannah Lee
Ensemble: Eliza Lee
Ensemble: Abigail Robison
Ensemble: Meredith Lee
Ensemble: Lilly Pollard
Ensemble: Hailey Owens
Ensemble: Brett Lee
Ensemble: Marco Albaladejo


FIRST REHEARSAL: TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 6 P.M. Midway Town Hall. (Please call 435-062-0434 if you cannot attend this important first rehearsal! Thanks!)

  • Meet the cast and production team
  • Receive scripts & schedule.
  • Be measured for costumes.
  • Partial¬†run-through¬†