Dear Parents,

Last year, when the High Valley Arts production team determined we would present Peter Pan Jr. in the spring of 2018, our plan was to put everyone who auditioned in the show, up to 40 kids. We thought 30 to 35 kids would audition and we could cast everyone. However, to our surprise, 67 kids auditioned. To make the show a good experience for all, we kept to our original idea of a total of 40 in the cast to give every child an opportunity to be spotlighted.

Preference in casting featured roles was given to older kids, knowing that younger children would have opportunities to participate in High Valley Arts’ kids shows in the future as well as other dramatic opportunities in the Heber Valley.

This year’s Peter Pan Jr. is an ensemble production so every role includes opportunities to say lines, and perform songs and dances. This makes the show a great opportunity for the entire cast.

CASTING PROCESS:  The creative team evaluated every child’s ability to sing, dance and cold read from the script, using a 1 to 10 point scale.  At Callbacks, actors were able to interact, develop chemistry, and have their look and height evaluated in relation to one another.

BOYS: It is rare for teenage boys to consider auditioning for a musical. We were fortunate to have two experienced teen boys audition for Peter Pan Jr. – Tal Hughes (14) and Ethan Scott (13).

The 8 oldest boys (ages 10-14) who auditioned were considered for Peter Pan, Hook, Smee, John, Chief Tiger Bamboo and other speaking parts.

 When parts were chosen for boys, Kristen Hughes, (director) and Amber Greenwood, (choreographer) did not participate in casting decisions made for their sons and other boys the ages of their sons.

All of the boys 10-14 years old who auditioned were assigned parts that all include speaking roles, dance numbers and songs. Many of the 8-9 year old boys who auditioned were cast as Lost Boys, Pirates, or Michael.

GIRLS: Fifty-one girls auditioned for Peter Pan Jr.! The level of talent was very high, with years of performing experience for many of them. We wanted to cast them all but we couldn’t!

Preference for the featured roles of Wendy and Tiger Lily were given to the oldest girls and all the younger girls were considered for Tinkerbell. The girls in ensemble roles have speaking, dancing and singing parts or are playing animals.  The creative team was amazed at the talent!

All in all, the process showed us that there is a tremendous amount of singing, dancing, acting talent in the Heber Valley. The future of dramatic productions is exciting! Thank you for your participation in this audition process.

ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY: High Valley Arts will be sponsoring a Musical Theater Workshop July 17-21 for all kids 8-14.  This will be another great learning experience for your children.  Class signups will be open on May 15.

See you at the show!!

Sue Waldrip,Chair
High Valley Arts Foundation


A huge THANK YOU to all the brave and wonderful kids who auditioned for Peter Pan Jr. !

Wendy Darling: Mary Cernyar
John Darling: Ty Greenwood
Michael Darling: Ryan Zollinger
Nana/ Indian Dancer: Naomi Cernyar
Mrs. Darling/ Indian Dancer: LaKyla Cosper
Captain Hook/ Mr. Darling: Ethan Scott
Smee: Wyatt Cernyar
Crocodile/ Indian Dancer: Meile Nielsen
Pirate Ensemble: Wesley Brock,  Hailey Owens,  Sloane Ellingford, Marek Magleby, Paige Henderson, Polly Fotheringham
Peter Pan: Tal Hughes
Tinkerbell: Alakina Mills
Fairies: Elle Barrett, Raina Riml, Irie Richardson, Brynnli Davis, Talin Leavitt, Aspen Magoffin
Mermaids: Raavyn Ellingford, Jessica Christensen, Anna Belnap, Reagan Corbridge, Lydia Curley, Natalie Hanks
Lost Boys: Jack Cernyar, Sam Knudsen, Kali Apostol,  Lance Bennion, Ward Curley
Tiger Lily: Hannah Barrett
Chief Tiger Bamboo: Cole Neil
Indians: Brayden Phillips, Penelope Harte, Ben Goates
Featured Indian Dancers:  Mia Hull, Tatym Seare,

FIRST REHEARSAL IS THURSDAY, JANUARY 25 at 4 p.m. at the Midway Community Center.


If you are unable to attend this first rehearsal, PLEASE CALL KRISTEN HUGHES –  760-419-8447