MAC Traffic is Already in Midway


  • HVAF has been presenting shows in Midway for 15 years, bringing lots of cars to the City.

  • Future HVAF shows on the Main Stage in the MAC will bring approximately the same number of cars that past summer shows have brought.

– HVAF Summer show traffic (one entrance/exit only) has not caused traffic jams, etc.

– MAC projections are based on the summer show attendance (125 cars). The parking lot for that show has just one entrance and exit.

– In the MAC, there will be two parking lots – one around the theater (74 cars) and one 2 minutes to the west – Olde Swiss Square (60 cars). There will be a total of three exits in those two parking lots.

  • Experience shows that 125 cars will clear a parking lot in 10 minutes – (4.8 seconds per car).

  • Traffic has not caused issues in the past. It will not be greater but will be more frequent.

  • The 125 cars will arrive at off-peak traffic hours. They will leave at 10:30 p.m.