MAC Parking Plan follows Midway City’s ordinances

The building has 73 parking spaces around the perimeter. The MAC Foundation has a signed, in- perpetuity, contract with Old Swiss Square to provide 60 additional spaces, for the total of 133 parking spaces, 8 more than the City code requires.

The walk from the Old Swiss Square parking to the MAC is approximately 3 minutes.

How many parking places does an arts center/theater require?

Midway City follows standard practice in the State of Utah and requires one parking place for every four seats in an arts center or a theater.

The MAC will have 450 seats in the Main Theater (100 more than the Midway Town Hall built 82 years ago), plus another maximum 50 for actors, ushers and production people, for a total of 125 parking places.  The MAC will provide 133 total parking places, 8 more than City code requires.

Presented to Midway City Council meeting on July 19, 2022,