Jacob McCrory – Buddy
Destry Pollard – Santa
Cevin Carr – Mr. Hobbs
Quinn Bennion – Assistant Director, Fake Santa, Ensemble
Brett Lee – Manager, Ensemble
Meriadoc Van Roosendaal – Chadwick, Ensemble
Michael – Ellis Iverson
Ashley Jarrett – Jovi
Jenny Iverson – Emily
Amy Asay – Deb
Juliana Smith – Charlotte, Ensemble
Meredith Lee – Misty, Ensemble
Ella Ballstaedt – Sara, Saleswoman, Ensemble
BOY ELVES – Luke Belnap, Lance Bennion, Clint Bosshardt, Alex Scott, Garrett Scott
GIRL ELVES – Kali Apostol, Gwen Ballstaedt, Audrey Bennion, Kate Lee, West Ellingford
ENSEMBLE – Grace Ballstaedt, Liz Crittenden, Sloane Ellingford, Eliza Lee, Alakina Mills, Jonah Stirling

FIRST CAST MEETING: Thursday, September 19, Midway Community Center, 6 p.m.

VERY IMPORTANT: Due to the number of “Elf” productions throughout the U.S. the distribution company, MTIShows, ran out of scripts!!!! More are being printed and we will receive our scripts next week.

DIGITAL SCRIPT ON YOUR IPAD:  You will get an email Thursday inviting you to join Production.Pro, which includes a digital script you can use and markup on an Ipad or a phone. Please follow the instructions and download the app to your Ipad or desktop computer.  (You can’t download it to your phone.) Please bring your Ipad to Thursday’s rehearsal with the digital script on it, if possible.

DIGITAL SCRIPT ON YOUR PHONE:  You can also get the script on your phone by downloading Production.Pro to your desktop computer and accessing the script by logging into the program you have downloaded on your desktop.

NEVER LOSE YOUR BOOK AGAIN:  This interactive script is AWESOME!  You can doodle, underline, cross out, write in blocking with your finger, a stylus, etc.  YOU WILL NEVER FORGET YOUR BOOK!

PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM to your desktop or an Ipad and bring a phone or Ipad to the rehearsal, if possible.

DIGITAL SCRIPT READ-THROUGH: Thursday, we will read through the script using everyone’s iPads or phones.

At our Thursday Cast Meeting, you will:

  • Meet the cast and the production team
  • Receive a schedule
  • Participate in a script read through/sing along

PLEASE CALL Sue Waldrip, 435-962-0434 if you are UNABLE to attend Thursday’s FIRST CAST MEETING!
PLEASE NOTE: Those in “Frozen Jr” should attend the FIRST CAST MEETING. Your rehearsals, however, will not begin until AFTER Frozen Jr. has completed its run!

CONGRATULATIONS! This is going to be a GREAT 
production because of our brilliant cast and a superb script!