Jeffrey Scott Savage – Writing Fantasy


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J. Scott Savage is an American writer who has authored 16 novels in several genres, including the Shandra Covington Series, The Far World fantasy series published by Shadow Mountain, the Case File 13 series from Harper Collins, the new Mysteries of Cove series, and several stand-alone titles. His works intended as middle grade/young-adult fiction are credited as written by J. Scott Savage, and his works intended for an older general audience as written by Jeffrey S. Savage.

He grew up in northern California and now lives in north Utah in a windy little valley of the Rocky Mountains. He has a wonderful wife who has somehow stuck with him for more than twenty years, four great children, a spastic Border Collie, and possibly three or four fish. (The pond is still frozen, so he isn’t quite sure.)

You can follow his blog as or Twitter jscottsavage or J Scott Savage on Facebook.